[video] Funny Dad Joke of the Day #28 – May 2, 2020

This joke isn’t too tired and can be retold any time. 🙂

This was a ‘tired’ joke, or at least Kai thought so. 🙂
After watching this one, please share this video with a fried or two.

We would love that. Kai in particular. He’s the start of this series, and we plan on doing this every day as long as we can. Right now we’re up to Dad Joke #28. This series has been a real joy to make.

Each day Kai and I record a new video then I upload it. I had a brain injury a couple of months ago, and sometimes it causes me issues when I speak, so we’ve had to record some of these corny joke videos a few time.

That’s why Kai is sometimes already laughing when the video starts…. it’s the 3rd take or so before I get it right. Meanwhile he just nails it and gets the joke right from the outset.

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