[video] Funny Dad Joke of the Day #17 – April 24, 2020

I love telling this joke, because the punchline is so corny.

My son Kai didn’t think so. His wordplay was spot on. 😉 According to him, this joke ‘stinks’.

When we record these, he comes up with the phrase he says after I tell him the dad joke. Sometimes he knows the joke beforehand, and other times he doesn’t.

Regardless, it’s not Kai who causes us to repeat recording the dad joke over and over….. it’s me. You see, I injured my brain falling down the stairs, and after several months of therapy, sometimes I STILL have to tell the dad part of the joke several times before I get the speech right.

Kai on the other hand, is a natural. He just shows up and says whatever he wants, and it’s right on point. Ahhhh, to be 11 again. 🙂

Either way, be sure to share this corny dad joke video with your friends. I am glad to be making these with Kai, and I hope my son appreciates just how bad these dad jokes really are.

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