[video] Funny Dad Joke of the Day #10 – April 17, 2020

Apparently Kai thinks that this one-liner is common knowledge. I must be doing a good job as a dad.

Today’s dad joke was inspired by my nap. 😀

Kai loved this corny dad joke, and apparently thinks that the punchline is ‘common knowledge’.

This idea of us sharing fun, clean jokes started as a lark and now my son and I have recorded 9 of them. Woohoo! We’re going to continue making these.

If you have a good dad joke you’d like us to make, please leave it in the comments below. Our goal is to continue to make something fun for everyone, especially during this stressful time caused by the ‘stay at home’ orders everyone is under thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

While there’s a lot of suffering people in the world, we can still take time to love one another and share a funny moment with a corny, bad dad joke like this one.

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